Perry grand jury not the problem

It isn’t often that I agree with Houston Chronicle columnist Lisa Falkenberg but her column on the Perry grand jury that indicted the Texas governor is spot-on. In Harris County and other Texas jurisdictions where judges use the “pick-a-pal” system to empanel grand jurors, bias and corruption are natural byproducts. The judge picks a pal, called […]

Harris County DA Anderson stands with Rick Perry

I LOL’d when I saw this Facebook post on  Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson’s page: Well, of course she does! The guy gave her the job of Harris County DA! The irony of DA Anderson standing with Perry on this is hilarious. After all, Devon Anderson wouldn’t be in office right now if her […]

Vince Ryan – Government Plaintiff Lawyer

Houston is home to a long list of famous plaintiffs’ lawyers. Did you know that Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan is trying to add his name to that list? There are legitimate public policy reasons that protect local government from litigious plaintiffs; however, the Harris County Attorney’s office and Vince Ryan are using this veil […]

Harris County Grand Jury System needs reform

Patricia Pollard: An example of a system gone wrong There are many cliques around the Harris County Criminal Justice Center. In 2012, we saw these factions unite to support a false narrative about then District Attorney Pat Lykos and tarnish many good people in the process. In the old days, for example, the courtrooms of […]

Houston Equal Rights Ordinance petition mandamus

The organizers of the petition drive to put the repeal of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance on the November ballot filed an emergency petition for writ of mandamus yesterday. HERO Petition Mandamus 08-11-2014 This is the most critical paragraph to me: The harm arising from the Relators’ wrongful rejection of the ERO Referendum Petition is […]

Complaint against Houston Metro alleges civil liberties violations

A Houston woman filed a complaint in the United States District Court, Southern District alleging a Houston Metro police officer violated her civil rights when she was detained and arrested for crossing a street and failure to produce identification upon demand. On November 5, 2013, Elizabeth Theiss, leader of Political Action Committee “Stop The Magnet” […]

Harris County Department of Education wants your input

From the InBox: The Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) Board of Trustees with assistance from the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Executive Search Services has begun work to select a new superintendent for HCDE. As a part of that process, the TASB search consultant would like to meet with various groups to begin […]

Gilbert Garcia reappointed to METRO

I have been to City Hall many times; however, I cannot remember a time when I was there to say something positive about Annise Parker. The purpose of my most recent visit was the reappointment of Gilbert Garcia. When Parker was elected, one of her promises was to bring change to Metro. One of the […]